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Manufacturer of Custom Door Hardware

Want to find a reliable door hardware manufacturer to get a direct factory price?


Hongmen Hardware is a China based factory equipped with stable door fittings production capacity to ensure a constant supply through the globe. Moreover, our solid team is able to customize any piece of hardware you need to fit right in your door.


Don't think twice, drop us a line, and contact a manufacturer instantly to get a best custom offer for your project!

   Larger Capacity, Better Price.
          Monthly production of up to 140,000 sets.
   Custom MOQ, More Flexibility.

          Basically 300 sets for the standard and 1000 sets for the  bespoke.

   Certified Products, Less After-Sales.

           Compliance of CE, quality products fearless of tests.

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Manufacturing Contact

: Workshop A in Siqiankeng, Longbang Village Industrial Zone, Duruan Town, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City

:  +86 18138966517