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The true manufacturer of door hardware in China. Local resources, global delivery.
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Started from the year of 2013, we've been producing door hardware mainly of stainless steel. Door handles, hinges, and locks are the chief door fittings we make for a variety of customers through the globe.


Based upon the sincere cooperation, we gained good credibility from global clients. Having successfully supported their challenging projects of different areas including wholesaling, retailing, construction projects, and brand customization, Hongmen Hardware is proud to invite you to learn more about our custom service and quality control, by which we will address your problems.

HM in Figures

Our physical manufacturing force to back you up.

Modern Factory Plant
Specialized Production Lines
Output per Month
Skilled Employees

Manufacturing Processes

With a self-produced factory, we manufacture products, make quality, and craft details all in-house.

Our Mission is Winning Together.

Whether your order is small or bulk - we cover your projects of all sizes stably and profitably.

• Supplying Consistency

A factory of scale ensures your non-stop product supply worldwide.

• Managing Production

Factory compliance of ISO9001 guarantees quality output to your markets.

• Saving Money

Business-level wholesale pricing to maintain your budget.

• Providing Guidance

Turnkey supports to save your worries before or after sales.

A Real Team Standing behind

Working with Hongmen Hardware is cooperating with a knowledged team at your best service.

Custom Door Hardware at A Good Price!



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Manufacturing Contact

: Workshop A in Siqiankeng, Longbang Village Industrial Zone, Duruan Town, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City

:  +86 18138966517