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How to install automatic doors

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How to install automatic doors

How to install automatic doors

Step 1: Install the fixed track

Fix the track on the wall, the solid wall can be fixed directly, using self-tapping screws or willow

Nail; square pipe (5x10) or channel steel (No. 16) for hollow wall or overhead installation

Step 2: Install the drive part (motor, controller, terminal block)

First fix the switch terminal on the edge of the track (usually on the right side)

Insert the motor into the track from top to bottom, adjust the position, and tighten the screws

Install the controller in the same way, adjust the position, and tighten the screws

Connect the motor and film plug to the controller

Step 3: Install linkage device (belt, tail wheel)

Insert the tail wheel into the track from top to bottom, adjust the position, and tighten the screw

Put on the belt, trim it to a suitable length and insert it into the belt buckle

Tighten the middle screw of the tail wheel, tighten the four screws in the middle of the tail wheel after the belt is slightly stretched

Step 4: Install the door clamp and connect the door body

Install glass door clamps (perforated door clamps or long door clamps are recommended for glass over 130kg)

Screws on both sides tighten the door clamp, and the middle screw fixes the hanging wheel

Hang the door body connected with the hanging wheel into the track

Observe whether the door is horizontal and vertical, you can fine-tune the hanging wheels to achieve consistency

After adjusting the position, tighten the screw of the hanging wheel

Install hanging wheel anti-dropping parts

Install one side of the belt clip first, align the belt buckle with the position of the belt clip, and lock it tightly

Install another belt clip, adjust the two doors to the actual closed position, and install the belt buckle

After connecting the belt, if you find that the belt is not bend in the same straight line, you can adjust the leather up and down.

The belt clamp position reaches the level

Adjust the door body to the actual closed position, install the middle stopper (buffer head facing right)

Adjust the door body to the actual opening position, install the right stopper (buffer head facing left)

Step 5: Power on and debug

Connect to 220v power supply and push the door to a half-open state

Turn on the switch for simulation test, if the door is opened for the first time, turn off the power

Pull the L/R switch on the controller to the opposite direction

The position will be recorded during the first run, and there will be buffer motions for opening and closing the door in normal operation.

The buffer time and door opening and closing speed controller can be adjusted

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